​​​​​​​How to deal with your sick ESA Dog Emotionally?

Have you ever dealt with an ill relative or a family member?

If yes, then you must have known how it affects your physical and mental wellbeing and it can leave you emotionally devastated sometimes.

And when looking at scientific research, the “caregiver burden” is a very well known concept when one person bears the strain of a chronically ill relative or family member.

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Well, this caregiver burden is not limited to the relatives but you feel the same for the sick ESA pets because they are your ailing companion animals too. ESA dogs or any other ESA pets are part of your family and at times they are more emotionally connected to you than any other person so, you need to utilize your additional energy to take care of these animals. It is kind of frustrating and overwhelming and I totally understand that folks.

So, a part of me said we should go on a voyage and explore some of the strategies which can help us out in dealing with the emotional burden.

 Now, if you are ready then let’s dive into knowing some relaxing tips to deal with the caregiver burden.

Reach Out for the Extra Support

It is overwhelming to take care of a sick pet.
If you think it is shameful to ask for help for the emotional support animal then you are a mistake reader. It is always preferable to ask for support from your friends and family members as they can share your responsibility and help you to deal with the situation effectively. For example, if the extra is making you anxious or depressed, you can take a short break and leave your pet in safe hands.

Here, you have to make a choice thoughtfully because your ESAs are sensitive when they are sick and your emotional attachment with them is also profound. So, make sure whoever is taking care of them is responsible and they are more kind towards your pet.
Even here, you can ask your veterinarian too.

Take Care of Your Own Wellbeing

It is not selfish if you consider yourself first.
Many ESA owners ignore their own wellbeing when their pets are sick which directly or indirectly impacts their pets too and it's not a stereotypical approach folk. It is true because you cannot help your dog if you are emotionally and physically unwell and if you have pushed too far. To keep your dog healthy, you have to keep yourself fit and in the best possible condition.

It will well suit your pet’s emotional needs.

·         Always take care of your diet. I know your dog is sick and you have to squeeze in every task which means you will neglect the nutritious meal. So, take the proper meal.

·         You can always opt for taking supplements like calcium supplements to keep your bones and body strong and healthy.

·         Dogs always help their owners physically by taking them on long walks which keeps them physically healthy but if your dog is sick, you have to take this task to yourself and go for a regular exercise.

Stay Close to Your Dog

You and your dog are the remedies for each other. It is like you both act as a medication for each other’s well being which is also part of the animal-assisted therapy suggested by the psychologists. So, try to stay close to your pet even if you are going out in some public places and for this, you just need to have an ESA letter. With this letter, you can simply take your dog with you anywhere possible and even you can travel with your dog for sure. So, staying close can help your dog emotionally.

And it can benefit you too guys.
For example, if you are anxious, you can simply pet your dog and it will produce neurotransmitters in you. While in case of depression or panic attacks, you can hug your dog and you can get relief.

Either way, you and your pets are getting the benefit. 

Do Not Blame Yourself

It is normal that your dog gets sick and you have NO hand in it.
Different breeds of dogs have the tendency to get allergies or any kind of disease. Even common flu can be a cause of their laziness and sickness. So, it is useless if you blame yourself for their diseases or you think your carelessness can make your dog sick. For example, it happens with the owners who have the emotional support animal letter for housing and they live with their pet 24/7 so, they usually have the habit of blaming themselves because of the close association with their dogs. Trust me it is of no use to blame yourself.

Constantly remind yourself that you are doing your best and with your positivity, your pet will feel the same.

Take every Moment with your Pet Seriously

Whenever we are sick, we forget to enjoy small things and we take every moment for granted.
Well, this is the biggest mistake that you are making because your pet needs you to be with them emotionally and physically both. So, always keep some time aside to stay with your pet and enjoy every moment possible like giving them food and playing with the ball, etc.

It will make you feel better too.

So, folks, now that you have read how you can handle yourself emotionally when your dog is sick, you should adopt these habits whenever you get the chance. I bet you will find these very effective. So, best of luck.
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